249 Walsh Student-Athletes Named Academic All-Conference

249 Walsh Student-Athletes Named Academic All-Conference

NORTH CANTON, Ohio - The Great Midwest Athletic Conference unveiled the 2018-19 Academic All-Conference Teams on Wednesday (July 10) and Walsh had 249 student-athletes represented on the list. Over 40% of the student-athlete population was named to the Academic All-Conference Team. 

Overall, a record 1,979 student-athletes were named to the team across 14 schools and three associate members. 

For the first time, freshmen were eligible for the Academic All-Conference Team and the student-athlete must have a cumulative 3.30 grade point average. 

The Cavaliers had nine student-athletes reach a 4.0 GPA for the year, including G-MAC Scholar Athletes of the Year Corynne Swift (Women's Soccer) and Jacob Turner (Men's Cross Country/Track & Field). Hannah McFeeters (Women's Lacrosse), Clara Drasch and Parvanee Karimpour (Women's Tennis), Olivia Sirpilla (Women's Track & Field) and Mary Hyland, Julia Losasso and Alyssa Viscounte (Women's Cross Country/Track & Field) all had 4.0 grade point averages on the Academic All-Conference Team. 

Walsh finished second in the school breakdown, behind Findlay, who had 275 nods to the Academic All-Conference team. 

Here is a breakdown by sport of honorees. 

Sport Number
Men's Track & Field 35
Women's Track & Field 32
Football 22
Women's Soccer 22
Baseball 21
Men's Cross Country 20
Men's Soccer 19
Women's Cross Country 17
Softball 16
Women's Lacrosse 15
Men's Lacrosse 12
Women's Basketball 12
Volleyball 11
Women's Tennis 9
Men's Tennis 8
Women's Golf 7
Men's Basketball 6
Men's Golf 4

Here are all of the G-MAC Academic All-Conference team members from Walsh University. 

Baseball Brant Alazaus Sophomore 3.79
Baseball Nik Barkdull Junior 3.46
Baseball Nick Bebout Senior 3.38
Baseball Ben Bulchik Senior 3.55
Baseball Eric Conner Senior 3.35
Baseball Andrew Czech Senior 3.55
Baseball Tyler Giesige Junior 3.65
Baseball Alec Graves Senior 3.96
Baseball Spencer Helwig Senior 3.51
Baseball Joey Holiga Junior 3.78
Baseball Cam Kaiser Junior 3.40
Baseball Ben Lefebvre Sophomore 3.47
Baseball Austin Marko Sophomore 3.56
Baseball Aidan Mlachak Senior 3.58
Baseball Bailey Mosley Junior 3.30
Baseball Jody Mummey Junior 3.49
Baseball Tim Murray Senior 3.38
Baseball Brady Rupp Senior 3.32
Baseball Drew Saunier Junior 3.40
Baseball Jared Telecky Sophomore 3.85
Baseball/Men's Basketball Caleb Canter Junior 3.45
Football Kody Adu-Poku Sophomore 3.58
Football Zachary Beaulieu Sophomore 3.76
Football Joshua Corbin Sophomore 3.39
Football Trey Crockett Junior 3.79
Football Dominic Davis Junior 3.34
Football Joe Fitchwell Junior 3.51
Football Jajuan Forte Freshman 3.72
Football Dylan Garver Junior 3.59
Football Nick Gassman Senior 3.49
Football Trent Harrell Junior 3.67
Football Cole Heinlen Sophomore 3.72
Football Jacob Jakubec Sophomore 3.73
Football Daniel Osminski Junior 3.31
Football Mark Primer Freshman 3.46
Football Michael Rekstis Sophomore 3.91
Football Marcus Shellenbarger Sophomore 3.86
Football Devin Stear Junior 3.42
Football Zach Sturmi Junior 3.92
Football Tadas Tatarunas Sophomore 3.61
Football Quinn Thomas Senior 3.44
Football Justin Vigna Freshman 3.37
Football Myles Williams Junior 3.62
Men's Basketball Kyle Blend Senior 3.34
Men's Basketball Reece Bogan Junior 3.53
Men's Basketball Will Parker Senior 3.52
Men's Basketball JT Shumate Sophomore 3.63
Men's Basketball/Golf Mark Mokros Senior 3.76
Men's Golf Noah Drlik Junior 3.61
Men's Golf Drew Savage Senior 3.41
Men's Golf Davey Wells Sophomore 3.71
Men's Lacrosse Nik Albrechta Sophomore 3.78
Men's Lacrosse Gabe Brown Sophomore 3.56
Men's Lacrosse Jake Creagh Sophomore 3.45
Men's Lacrosse Patrick Cuddihy Sophomore 3.55
Men's Lacrosse Brydan Heisler Senior 3.80
Men's Lacrosse Chad Holmes Sophomore 3.76
Men's Lacrosse Kyle Lacey Sophomore 3.74
Men's Lacrosse Howard Lawrence Junior 3.75
Men's Lacrosse Anthony Munoz Freshman 3.42
Men's Lacrosse Shane Profio Junior 3.64
Men's Lacrosse Jake Selvage Senior 3.53
Men's Lacrosse Tim Sims Junior 3.82
Men's Soccer Nico Antezana Freshman 3.97
Men's Soccer Gary Canam Junior 3.31
Men's Soccer Nathan Chwalik Junior 3.84
Men's Soccer Camden Davis Sophomore 3.58
Men's Soccer Brett Ekperuoh Freshman 3.74
Men's Soccer Andrew Ferguson Junior 3.44
Men's Soccer TJ Harrod Junior 3.47
Men's Soccer Dan Kenner Senior 3.44
Men's Soccer Nathan Kett Junior 3.66
Men's Soccer Derek Miller Junior 3.68
Men's Soccer Daniel Nichols Sophomore 3.68
Men's Soccer Eni Osineye Junior 3.68
Men's Soccer Martinius Pentzen Junior 3.51
Men's Soccer Michael Presby Junior 3.51
Men's Soccer Nick Romano Sophomore 3.31
Men's Soccer Steven Taylor Junior 3.74
Men's Soccer Bobby Tsirambidis Junior 3.69
Men's Soccer Hadi Undheim Junior 3.37
Men's Soccer Jarrett Zwick Junior 3.91
Men's Tennis Pedro Campos Sophomore 3.82
Men's Tennis Joao Campos Sophomore 3.47
Men's Tennis Guilherme Carneiro Sophomore 3.68
Men's Tennis Filipp Kulynych Sophomore 3.43
Men's Tennis Alex Medina Sophomore 3.47
Men's Tennis Jakob Riglewski Sophomore 3.58
Men's Tennis Clemens Wagner Junior 3.83
Men's Tennis Mitchell Yeigh Sophomore 3.42
Men's Track & Field Bradley Gallitz Senior 3.33
Men's Track & Field Conner Hluch Junior 3.94
Men's Track & Field Lane Knoch Junior 3.43
Men's Track & Field Gabriel Miller Sophomore 3.45
Men's Track & Field James Miller Senior 3.41
Men's Track & Field Brandyn Neal Senior 3.59
Men's Track & Field Jacob Ott Sophomore 3.40
Men's Track & Field Varney Pelima Junior 3.75
Men's Track & Field Dante Penza Senior 3.94
Men's Track & Field Owen Read Sophomore 3.72
Men's Track & Field Alexander Reimund Senior 3.38
Men's Track & Field Trent Shane Freshman 3.33
Men's Track & Field Peyton Speicher Junior 3.30
Men's Track & Field Zane Tolbert Senior 3.40
Men's Track & Field Devin Wonner Junior 3.54
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Jared Bugaj Junior 3.82
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Jacob Caniford Senior 3.76
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Josh Conrad Sophomore 3.58
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Sean Donnelly Sophomore 3.40
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Caleb Freeman Senior 3.43
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Luke Gidorkis Senior 3.34
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Nathan Hadley Junior 3.58
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Brian Jankowski Senior 3.64
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Jacob Kernell Senior 3.62
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country John Laubacher Senior 3.72
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Noah LaVictoire Senior 3.79
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Noah Murray Junior 3.72
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Tyler Pace Senior 3.37
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Bryce Patrick Senior 3.84
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Jacob Turner Senior 4.00
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Isaac VerDow Senior 3.32
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Christopher Villarreal Sophomore 3.47
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Edward Walsh Junior 3.76
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Chandler Wilhelm Sophomore 3.77
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Spencer Wirick Senior 3.80
Softball Annie Dehnke Senior 3.68
Softball Alex Depue Junior 3.35
Softball Olivia Edgell Senior 3.84
Softball Cali Frascone Junior 3.49
Softball Lauren Frigyes Sophomore 3.86
Softball Alison Harper Sophomore 3.51
Softball Katie Herrick Junior 3.51
Softball Rebekah Hoffee Senior 3.32
Softball Katelyn Kennedy Junior 3.97
Softball Kesley Putman Senior 3.59
Softball Rachel Rittelmann Senior 3.76
Softball Leah Roten Senior 3.96
Softball Lauren Steyer Sophomore 3.64
Softball Ashley Storesina Freshman 3.36
Softball Anna Villies Sophomore 3.94
Softball Abbey Yaugher Senior 3.87
Volleyball Amanda Adoranti Senior 3.76
Volleyball Justine Coffman Senior 3.75
Volleyball Paola Ferrario Senior 3.55
Volleyball Shannon Heald Senior 3.90
Volleyball Julianna Kruse Junior 3.85
Volleyball Lauren Loucks Senior 3.69
Volleyball Olivia Maczuzak Sophomore 3.75
Volleyball Sydnee Marks Sophomore 3.63
Volleyball Erica Schiets Senior 3.52
Volleyball Samantha Wentz Sophomore 3.85
Volleyball Olivia Zanolli Senior 3.49
Women's Basketball Megan Ball Sophomore 3.40
Women's Basketball Jill Blacksten Senior 3.85
Women's Basketball Hannah Blake Junior 3.86
Women's Basketball Kimmie Borck Junior 3.70
Women's Basketball Quionche Carter Sophomore 3.94
Women's Basketball Brittni Clopton Senior 3.59
Women's Basketball Jamie Halloran Senior 3.49
Women's Basketball Shelby Henkel Senior 3.39
Women's Basketball Sydney Mayberry Freshman 3.32
Women's Basketball Christine Orr Senior 3.51
Women's Basketball Lexie Scarton Sophomore 3.63
Women's Basketball Emily Westphal Senior 3.77
Women's Cross Country Chrissy Ramsey Senior 3.48
Women's Golf Francesca Ciraci Junior 3.63
Women's Golf Alexis Green Sophomore 3.95
Women's Golf Lauren Hatfield Junior 3.96
Women's Golf Kendra Kearns Sophomore 3.55
Women's Golf Kerra Loomis Senior 3.76
Women's Golf Kayleigh McHugh Senior 3.34
Women's Golf Erin Vlacovsky Senior 3.69
Women's Lacrosse Grace Andreski Sophomore 3.94
Women's Lacrosse Emily Atwood Sophomore 3.57
Women's Lacrosse Leah Cavanaugh Junior 3.47
Women's Lacrosse Mikaela Faus Senior 3.82
Women's Lacrosse Lindsay Hindman Freshman 3.41
Women's Lacrosse Luisa Landaverde Senior 3.59
Women's Lacrosse Ellen Lawrence Sophomore 3.48
Women's Lacrosse Hannah McFeeters Sophomore 4.00
Women's Lacrosse Becky Parker Senior 3.37
Women's Lacrosse Sam Paulson Senior 3.98
Women's Lacrosse Alli Phillips Senior 3.70
Women's Lacrosse Meghan Skrypka Senior 3.37
Women's Lacrosse Jenny Spragg Senior 3.76
Women's Lacrosse Rebecca Tomaszewski Senior 3.37
Women's Lacrosse Alyssa Tomkins Sophomore 3.39
Women's Soccer Ana Bair Sophomore 3.76
Women's Soccer Hannah Bowman Junior 3.93
Women's Soccer Madalyn Canter Sophomore 3.78
Women's Soccer Taylor Ceepo Senior 3.58
Women's Soccer Haley Dancer Sophomore 3.72
Women's Soccer Shelby Elder Junior 3.77
Women's Soccer Erin Geibel Junior 3.63
Women's Soccer Erica Hafer Junior 3.56
Women's Soccer Maura Hickey Junior 3.95
Women's Soccer Alisha Himes Senior 3.43
Women's Soccer Maggie Kortis Sophomore 3.80
Women's Soccer Madeline Malinowski Sophomore 3.45
Women's Soccer Tarah McCausland Senior 3.52
Women's Soccer Mickey McClanahan Senior 3.65
Women's Soccer Olivia Peters Senior 3.99
Women's Soccer Kayla Rance Sophomore 3.82
Women's Soccer Brianna Sanborn Senior 3.91
Women's Soccer Sydney Santaguida Senior 3.53
Women's Soccer Corynne Swift Senior 4.00
Women's Soccer Michelle Terbot Sophomore 3.54
Women's Soccer Dena Wenzinger Junior 3.60
Women's Soccer/Track & Field Emily Joyce Senior 3.85
Women's Tennis Allison Brazer Sophomore 3.93
Women's Tennis Clara Drasch Sophomore 4.00
Women's Tennis Mercedes Fernandez Senior 3.54
Women's Tennis Morgan Iser Senior 3.74
Women's Tennis Maria Kacalova Junior 3.88
Women's Tennis Parvanee Karimpour Senior 4.00
Women's Tennis Sofia Khairutdinova Junior 3.74
Women's Tennis Elise Kohl Sophomore 3.90
Women's Tennis Katharina Razum Junior 3.97
Women's Track & Field Ndidiamaka Anaraodo Junior 3.36
Women's Track & Field Cassidi Bookless Sophomore 3.85
Women's Track & Field Payton Breehl Senior 3.61
Women's Track & Field Emily Drago Junior 3.63
Women's Track & Field Ann Fahey Senior 3.34
Women's Track & Field Juanita Gray Freshman 3.54
Women's Track & Field Paige Groves Junior 3.38
Women's Track & Field Mariah Porter Senior 3.55
Women's Track & Field McKenna Quaderer Junior 3.66
Women's Track & Field Gracey Radwany Sophomore 3.51
Women's Track & Field Alexandra Rodgers Senior 3.84
Women's Track & Field Olivia Sirpilla Junior 4.00
Women's Track & Field Skyler Stewart Freshman 3.38
Women's Track & Field Malia Turley Senior 3.67
Women's Track & Field Liza Yoder Senior 3.47
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Bre Bakan Senior 3.90
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Kaylee Farino Sophomore 3.44
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Caitlyn Hadley Junior 3.41
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Mary Hyland Senior 4.00
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Andra Lehotay Senior 3.99
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Alexa Leppelmeier Sophomore 3.70
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Julia Losasso Junior 4.00
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Katelyn Luther Senior 3.75
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Iris Menegay Sophomore 3.75
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Claire Robertson Junior 3.34
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Jetaiya Smith Senior 3.50
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Megan Soehnlen Junior 3.93
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Hannah Soehnlen Sophomore 3.74
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Karissa Sonneberger Junior 3.79
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Alyssa Viscounte Junior 4.00
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Sophie Wentling Sophomore 3.87